The word “Maker”, which originally means “producer or maker”, has the worth of a key that converts the consumer society to the producer society.

This culture, that is known as the Maker Movement in the international community, encourages and motivates people, no matter how old, to do something and to be productive. This synergy, that is far from commercial concerns and consists of cooperation, is a build up of workshops, productive people and various materials. Sets of introduction to programming, game or animation software, 3D printers, Arduino kits, Raspberry Pi minor computers, various networks and Maker kits are found in these workshops, with the motto “Do it yourself” (DIY). These workshops are suitable for anyone.

As a doyen of this flow, Dale Dougherty reflects, “this culture is based on cooperation rather than competition, on skills rather than coins, and on experience rather than paradigms”. The Maker Movement, that is popular all around the world and in which children are involved after their fifth age, is remarkably developing in Turkey.

As Hacker Can, our academic studies and activities are continuing with the aim to convert Turkey to a producer society and to complete the digital conversion of the country.