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IP addresses may also be used to identify the users in a general way and to collect comprehensive demographic data. The email address, which is used for registration, may be used for activation, to inform the user about his/her membership and to send notifications about product campaigns. If you do not want to receive any notifications about the special offers you may click on the link that finds place below the mail.

The '128 bit SSL certificate' is used for the communication between the visitor and the website, to provide your security in the system. We would like to remind you that, emails cannot be secured when these are not encoded and that in such a case you are responsible for the safety of the emails that you send. Individual or institutional users must give some identifying personal information and visual contents of themselves to Hacker Can, by filling in various forms, in order to create a user´s profile page.

Personal information may be used to get in contact with the user if necessary. We may give links to other web sites, that are not operated by our company, at our portal. If you visit one of these web sites you must take a look at their privacy and other policies. We want to mention that we are not responsible for the policies and administrations of other companies.

To send materials that include nakedness or obscenity, that abuse or threaten other users; publications that include hatred and that are targeted at a community’s race or ethnic origin, religion, inability, gender, age, precedence or sexual preference/sexual identity; other actions that aim to mislead others, misleading or imitative actions; publications that include users’ social security numbers, driving license numbers, other ID numbers or other information that are not attainable by everyone; publications that are illegal or dangerous, or that associated with acts that are not legal; messages that include virus, worm, Trojan horse, malware or other harmful items; contents that may damage or affect the network, Kodpit’s or third parties’ platform; spam, malicious script files and phishing attacks to and/or through the portal are strictly forbidden and against the ones that oppose these will be taken legal action immediately.

User’s information may be expounded to official authorities, when it is compulsory according to the mandatory legislation provisions, only when official authorities demand for it. Only the user may attain and change the information that he/she has recorded into the system. There is no possibility that someone else can attain or change these information. Hacker Can, uses various tracking systems from third parties such as, Google Analytics. Google Analytics, is a Web Analyse Service of Google Inc. Google Analytics, may transfer the collected information from the users’ computers (IP included) to the Google server in America and keep it there for statistical purposes. The collected information may be used in order to evaluate the preferences of the users on our website, to arrange the activity reports of our website and to improve the services of the website.

Google, will not combine the users’ information (IP included) with other data it saves, and will not share it with third parties unless there is a legal or legitimate necessity. The users on our website may limit the cookies by choosing the right settings in their browser. However, in this case they cannot make benefit of all the special links of our website.The users on our website confirm that Google may collect and use their personal information within the abovementioned conditions and necessities. The Content Provider and the Hosting Provider, though they have been informed about the possibility of damage and loss, are not liable for any expense, damage and loss that occurs directly or indirectly, during the use of this website, as a consequence of any, performance fault, error, shortage, interruption, defect, delay in operation and/or transfer, computer virus and/or system fault. Without being limited to the abovementioned points the providers are not responsible for any damage and loss.

You may get in contact with us through for any claims about any product, content or application within the portal, that may be subject to copyright infringement. The copyright of data and material, visual elements and their arrangement at this website belongs to the Content Provider, unless clearly stated otherwise. Kodpit reserves the right to change every product and service, page, data, visual element at this website, without declaring it beforehand. None of the material, that finds place at the website, may be copied, distributed, rented, multiplied, make used with sublicense, changed, used for commercial purpose, unless clearly stated otherwise. The material that takes place at the website is provided ‘’as it is’’ and ‘’how available’’. The Provider and the Hosting Provider do not guarantee the accuracy, sufficiency and exactness of the contents and do not give any implicit or open guarantee legally.

Without being limited to the following, these are some point that are not guaranteed by the providers; property, saleability, accuracy, reliability, certainty, suitability for a specific purpose and/or guarantees related with computer viruses, including the ones that are associated with the third parties.

Both the risks of the websites linked to this website, and the risks of the links to the other websites belong to the user. The accuracy of the information at these websites or the qualities of the other links that are given at these websites are not investigated and verified by Kodpit. Hacker Can may ex parte change the Privacy Policy terms any time, on condition that it will be published.

The Privacy Policy provisions that are changed by Hacker Can, will go into operation at the date they are published.