A starting point for everyone who wants to learn coding!

Hacker Can is a code learning platform for students in their own language to gain the skills of software development. Every student who knows how to read and write, he/she can develop in the field of programming according to his or her age group and level at this platform. Our platform aims to teach algorithms, problem solving ability and programming (real code writing) to students step by step with their own language or English. This education covers variables, loops, conditions, functions, objects and more.

The adventure series, developed as the game-based learning model, is a delightful platform that can be easily enjoyed by every student between the ages of 6 and 9 and over 9 with the drawing and studio screens. Hacker Can presents special panellists, teaching plans, presentations and all necessary academic materials for instructors; teaches a language so similar to CoffeeScript where the punctuation marks and foreign characters are minimized. Students can easily adapt to the languages that they will need for developing web, desktop and mobile applications, also games.

Core Features

%100 R&D Product

Approved research and development project developed by education and IT experts in Pamukkale University Technopark.

Ministry of Education Honorable Source

Hacker Can succeeded to join Information Technologies and Software education curriculum at 13th January 2017 as a first platform until now.

Coding With Your Own Language

You don't need any foreign language. Code editor and instructions are in your own language.

Real Programming Education

If your prefer English for coding platform, you will learn a syntax like C based programming languages.

Game Based Learning

Aims to teach coding to children like playing game by amusing.

Algorithm and Problem Solving Ability

Teaches solving problem solving algorithms with chapters ordered from easy to hard.

Mobile Learning

Continue your education with smart phones and tablets.

STEM Education

Supports STEM education by improving digital intelligence, analytical thinking, problem solving and so many abilities.

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