Here is our team. Let's meet our professional, devoted and dynamic teammates included with developers, graphic designers, technologists, teachers and corporate relation experts.

Buğra YÜKSEL BUGRA YUKSEL Co-Founder & CEO Software developer expert, white hat hacker, technologist, educator and speaker. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Yunus ÖZCAN YUNUS OZCAN Co-Founder & Game Programmer Game programmer, technologist, educator, adventurer ve nature sports fan. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Hasan Hüseyin ORHAN HASAN HUSEYIN ORHAN Graphic & UI Designer Graphic and user interface designer, 3D modelling and animation expert, educator and family father. Facebook
Mehmet Emre VURAL MEHMET EMRE VURAL Software Developer Web and mobile software developer expert, mathematician, educator, footballer and goal king. Facebook Linkedin
M. Hamit YANIK M. HAMIT YANIK Electronic & Software Developer Electronic and embedded systems expert, software developer, educator and production fancier. Twitter Linkedin
Öner CANER ONER CANER SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Digital marketing and international SEO expert, educator, writer, speaker and strategist. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
İsmail SERT ISMAIL SERT Technologists and Teacher Technologist, content development expert, idealist education volunteer and nature sports fan. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Okancan COŞAR OKANCAN COSAR Software Developer Computer engineer, search and development fan, deep Android developer and educator. Facebook Linkedin

Operation Team


Corporate Relations
Corporate releations and partnership officer.


Finance and Accounting
Financial processes and accounting officer.


Financial Advisor
Accounting and finance mentor.


Digital Agency
Corporate identity and printing works mentor.
Bogazici Graphic Agency

We all love the fact that the reducing reality to symbol names, but Superman's fashion has been very long. Achieving remarkable success is only a team effort.

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